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Daily, from 10:00 AM till 11:00 PM


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Riccardi Lorenzo & Nicoletta Goss

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Trattoria Casa Mía

Trattoria Casa Mia is a typical Italian Restaurant with familiar atmosphere than opened its doors in Palma Real Shopping Village in August 2015 with the aim of delight the palates of all its clients with the true fresh Italian Cuisine, made every day with imported Italian product of maximum quality.Its Executive Chef Nicoletta Goss,with a experience more than twenty years in the field,handicraft produces Lasagne,Tortelloni,Tortellini,Cannelloni,Bread,Focacce,Piadine and Fresh Pasta with simple ingredients,Flour,Leavens,Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Tomato all 100% Italian, without conserving and dyes.Trattoria Casa Mia completes its culinary offer with authentic delicacies,best home built dessert like Tiramisu’,Croissant,Cookies,Muffin,Cakes and a lot other.